What Really Does Governor Ben Ayade Want? – By Nsikak Essien

Governor Ayade of Cross River state

This Governor interests me. An academic in government. His intellectual contribution to governance in Nigeria or lack of it as a university professor will be a major subject of debate in political science departments in Nigerian universities.

Last week he defected from PDP to APC. It’s increasingly difficult to make sense out of it. He has two years left in office with six years gone.

In the six years two issues stand out.

  1. His out of this world grammar in describing his yearly budgets. At the end of every financial year Professor Ayade has nothing to show for his big grammar.
  2. Ayade challenged the existence of Covid 19 in Cross River. He had no scientific basis for his conclusion. A whole university professor. He ended up begging for Covid 19 palliatives from the federal government. He also begged for establishment of Covid 19 medical facilities to treat a medical condition which he denies its existence in his state.

What will the people of Cross River state gain from decamping by the Governor? Nothing. Definitely nothing, except an irrelevant political issue to divide the people of the state.

What will Ayade gain from his action? Temporary escape from the watch of EFCC. Maybe.

President Buhari isn’t a leader many are proud to be associated with now. His saviour status has been shattered by poor performance and very poor leadership.

If Professor Ayade recommends Buhari as a charismatic leader worth emulating to his students then the Professor would have redefined whatever leadership stands for.

General Buhari is not contesting for a third term which success would have afforded Ayade an opportunity for ministerial appointment.

What really does Professor Ayade want?

If a professor in government can’t contribute to the development of political thought for our nation Nigeria is in deep problem.

Nsikak Essien is a veteran journalist and former editor of National Concord Newspaper

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