Press Release: North’s Insistence On Retaining The Presidency An Invitation To Anarchy

Our attention was drawn early this morning over an unfortunate statement by one Shettima Yerima of the Arewa youth consultative forum, that”NORTH WILL USE THEIR NUMERICAL STRENGTH TO QUASH ZONING IN 2023″

In his infantile narrative, Yerima, posited that the North will not support any zoning arraignment except northern candidates.

This is obviously an attempt to destroy the fragile unity of this country by the Northerners.

In as much as democracy entails popular participation; it is practically impossible for the North alone to elect a president without the votes and support of Southerners.

Let it be known that the people of southern Nigeria of Igbo extraction, will not fold our hands and watch it happen, as our philosophy is deeply rooted on equitable distribution of power and fairness to all ethnic groups.

It is a fact that Nigeria is a multi pluralistic society and one anchored on three major ethnic nationality.

NDIGBO, has contributed and sacrificed immensely towards the peace and unity of Nigeria, despite provocations from the North.

It is strange that the North has ruled with no meaningful efforts to uplift Nigeria from the duldrum of economic woes, yet poverty is prevalent in the North.

On this note, the North should be reminded that NDIGBO are not cowards and will never accept any wicked attempt to impose upon us another president from the North.


Mazi Chika Art Adiele

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