Press Release: Nnamdi Kanu And The Audacity Of Courage

After enduring nearly a century of inequality, segregation, as well as vicious lynchings and other senseless acts of violence against NDIGBO, it is sobering that we are yet to reap the fruits of our collective sacrifice as a people.

NDIGBO, are a people of great values, who cherish peace and development, through dinct of industry has almost positioned Nigeria as a trade and commerce giant in sub Saharan Africa. Over the years Igbo sons and daughters, are victims of political persecutions by successive state actors.

Our beloved son Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who was extraordinarily renditioned from Kenya to Nigeria, after a harrowing 5days of detention in a private residence, is standing trial without any single appearance in court; in other words, he, even though alive and within the juridical enclave of Abuja court was absent on the flimsy excuse or what the Department of State Security (DSS), described as lack of logistics, and one is tempted to probe the source of logistics that was used for his illegal extraordinary rendition to Nigeria.

We can as well, remind the federal government, that NDIGBO, are ever ready to provide the logistics that will aid Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s appearance in court on Thursday 21th October, if need be.

However, OHANAEZE NDIGBO YOUTH WING, WORLDWIDE, will be fully represented in court to monitor proceedings, all we ask from the federal government, is simply unconditional appearance of our brother, as failure to do so will send a dangerous signal to NDIGBO and the whole world at large.


Mazi Chika Art Adiele
National Publicity Secretary

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