Opinion: Applauding Governor Ikpeazu’s Commitment To Rebuilding Abia – By Kingsley Maduforo

For the past six(6) plus of the present administration, I have been in deep thought about the recent happenings in Abia State. I have tried dissecting the activities and pattern of governance in the state from the return of democratic rule in 1999 to the present day, with special interest in the political stability, development, security and the level of youth’s involvement in the affairs of governance.

The crime level in the state before the coming of Gov. Ikpeazu was high as there was no political peace to sustain development. Kidnapping and ritual killing became flourishing businesses while good and legitimate businesses closed down and investors changed their location to a more fruitful land. The China (Aba) of Africa began to loose its value and importance in the business world. What a set back!

But just as it is usually said, “there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.” In 2015, there came a man with a vision and a mission to change the long standing negative narrative which the state was known for and rebuilding it to its proper setting, laid down by its founding fathers. The journey has not been easy for him but with patience dedication and perseverance amidst all distractions, this man is making good progress.

I am still analysing if since inception of this present administration under Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu, the state has witnessed any political instability, loopsided infrastructural development across the three senatorial zones, but no. The governor has changed the political orientation of Abians and awakened the consiousness of the people towards the activities of government and governance.

For the past seven years of Gov. Ikpeazu’s administration, the state has experienced drastic improvement in infrastructure, especially on roads, agriculture, education, health, security, commerce and industry and ease of doing business, which have improved due to the established favourable policies and incentives in tax reduction for SMEs to strive in the state.

Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu has been extolled for his proactive steps in the management of security during this yuletide period and overall development of the state under his watch.

More importantly, the governor’s adequate management of the state resources has accelerated the economic growth of the state. His economic blueprint has increased investors in the state. Our local products are now being desired for both in international and local markets. Abia is now an epic center for tourists and investors in Nigeria.

Kingsley Maduforo writes from Umuahia

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