Ohanaeze Ndigbo To FG: You Can’t Pardon Boko Haram And Lock Up Nnamdi Kanu

Ohaneze Ndigbo Youth World-wide has accused the federal government of exhibiting utter double standard in the handling of the murderous Boko Haram terrorists.

This is obviously antithetical to the so-called effort to holistically confront the raging insecurity in the country.

The Youth group bemoans the divisive approach saying that it is heartbreaking and totally preposterous to give mudereous terrorist organization like Boko Haram a State Pardon, and keep Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, behind bars. This is tantamount to double standard.

Boko Haram, has mudered over 350,000 Nigerians. Their, atrocious actions against humanity deserve high level of judicial trial.

OHANEZE NDIGBO YOUTH WING worldwide, views this as a sham and a ploy to set these mudereous elements free, to go and recruit more killers of destiny and enemies of humanity.

This singular action will embolden them to destroy more lives and properties.

We cannot pretend that all is well, when selective justice is the norm.

Like, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Boko Haram, must be brought to justice.


Mazi Chika Art Adiele
National Publicity Sec OHANEZE NDIGBO YOUTH WING worldwide

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