Engineer Nana Nwafor: Birthday Felicitations to an Outstanding Ingenious Man

By Kennedy Onyenma

Today I feel privileged to celebrate an exceptionally outstanding Ingenious mind. He is popularly known as Nana but his full name is Enyinnaya Nwafor, an Engineer by profession; an Abian by birth.

Nana is well known for his spectacular break throughs – first, as a Civil Engineer of repute, a philantropist and an Industrialist. He has a proven pedigree in the design and construction of durable structures, such as roads, buildings and bridges. He has also distinguished himself as an unassuming power broker whose maverick approach to issues of power and control unsettles the lily-livered. Nana is eclectic.

Nana is chiefly associated with the popular humanitarian organization known as Each One Aid One Foundation. Just recently, he chose to feed all the junior civil servants in the 17 Local Government Areas of Abia State. He can go for a collosus of sorts.

My encounter with Nana was as revealing as it was impactful. On this historic occasion, I felt a touch of conscientiousness, diligence, humility and class. Though, seemingly soft spoken, his emotions however determines his demeanor to an extent. Nana has a near omniscient knowledge of everything that pertains to now.

On that fateful day we had worked into this ambitious facility, located at Km 4 Aba-Enugu Express Way( on the left side before the Osisioma flyover, coming from Enugu), not knowing exactly what awaited us. But I must quickly confess that the content in this architectural container is far beyond the imaginations the exterior could evoke.

The last time I saw such a well-equipped furniture factory, with state-of-the-art equipment, was when I visited an Italian company called Prodeco – part of the conglomerate owned under the Intels Group.

Prodeco facility could not excite me as much, however, because I know they are owned by some Nigerians/Italian expatriates with vast global connections.

Nana is neither a foreign expat nor a political office holder but a consummate industrialist whose love to touch lives motivated him to establish a company that is not only reputable for class and quality, but one that will enhance human capital development and skills acquisition in line with the avowed visions of Dr Okezie Ikpeazu.

“Hallowed Hands Furniture Company is 100% Nigerian.” Nana revealed. Although his machines were imported from overseas and of course installed by the OEM, Nana ensured that as soon as the expatriates were done with the installation, his business with them ended . His reasons: ” the cost of paying an expat is equivalent to the cost of keeping ten or more of my brothers from Abia state meaningfully engaged here.So, why will I keep forigners when my brothers in Aba are endowed with as much quantum ingenuity, if not more, than the fair skinned expats?.”

L-R: Engineer Enyinnaya ‘Nana’ Nwafor and Kennedy Onyenma

He continued more enthusiastically: “I took my time to survey the raw materials and capital replete in Aba and within Nigeria and I discovered that, aside the equipment, all other things I needed to run this factory are endowed in my people.”

By the date we visited, about 100 Abians were already employed at different strata of engagement by this company that is less than one year old.

I am extremely proud of Nana Nwafor. He represents that inspirational Nigerian vision with unarguable global appeal. He is a man of today, tomorrow and the future. His finished products are, in every standard, world class!

Hallowed Hands Furniture could stand in the gap of luxury for the contemporary bougoursie without losing the modesty associated with the humbke. While it prides in prices very competitive and affordable, it also exudes a quality so irresistible!

In Engr. Nana Nwafor I can make bold to say that, indeed, “MADUFORO.”

Once again, happy birthday to an exceptionally ingenious man!

Kennedy Onyenma writes from Umuahia

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