Igboland has produced some of the greatest men and women whose works and sacrifice continue to energize sustainable human development worldwide. Igbo Heritage Awards is a social innovation initiative instituted to honour these outstanding patriots across spheres and generations, whose pioneering breakthroughs, innovations, leadership excellence and humanism have become part of the Igbo heritage of excellence, making Igboland, Nigeria and Africa proud. It is founded as a sovereign and prestigious recognition platform celebrating the distinctive courage, resilience, freedom, culture, greatness and collective self-empowerment of the Igbo man. The first edition held at Best Western Hotels, Enugu on December 28, 2019.


IHA manifests the vision of an independent premium reward system that would inspire excellence and a sense of pride in noble accomplishments, anchored on the core values of integrity, merit, humanism and commitment to Igbo renaissance. In compliance with strict quality assurance processes and sustainability principles, it celebrates ONLY the very best, including unsung heroes making impact on human welfare and community development.


1. To honour outstanding role models who have made Igboland and Nigeria proud.

2. To promote the consciousness of Igbo Renaissance as a catalyst for socio-economic growth.

3. To encourage the spirit of excellence, service and humanism among youths.

4. To strengthen bonds of friendship and cooperation between Igbos and their friends

5. To provide a social platform for synergy among promoters of other pan-Igbo initiatives 6. To celebrate the greatness of Igboland and create more ambassadors for the Igbo nation


The Awards are essentially honourary. They are also open to those who publicly identify with the Igbo nation as friends, associates and partners; especially those that promote education, humanitarian service, peace, social justice, human rights and entrepreneurial empowerment within and outside Igboland.


Education, Culture & Tourism, Media & Journalism, Information & Communications Technology, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Safety and Security, Corporate Governance, Human Rights Activism, Entertainment, Sports, Social Development, Gender Parity, Corporate Social Responsibility, Women & Youth Empowerment, Fashion & Crafts, Law & Justice Administration, Environmental Protection, Humanitarian Service, Community Service and Health Services.


Every adult Igbo person (or non-Igbo person as described under ‘Nature of the Awards’) known to be responsible, law-abiding, and with genuine means of livelihood. The person must be a model of excellence in his or her chosen field, with long-standing credentials in line with the values and objectives of IHA. For organizations, they must have established remarkable consistency and positive social impact especially in Igboland.


Nominations are made online on selected popular platforms such as Twitter @TheIgboAwards and Facebook (Igbo Heritage Awards) to ensure inclusiveness, transparency and process integrity. Apart from few categorical exceptions for which public voting may apply, selection is done by an autonomous Academy of venerable jurors who review nominations in conformity with best audit standards. A dedicated online portal for nominations may be introduced in due course.


IHA is open to partnership with those who share its core values and objectives. Sponsors are welcome on full or part sponsorship basis with corresponding benefits.


IHA is organized by African Heritage Times in conjunction with the Igbo Renaissance Centre, Gregory University, Uturu.

African Heritage Times (www.africanheritagetimes.com) is a Nigeria based Pan-African magazine fostering values and development, celebrating African treasures and promoting good governance and rights protection. It is duly registered as a multi-media platform, with International Standard Serial Number (ISSN 2756-4509). It is a member of the Online Media Practitioners Association of Nigeria (OMPAN), Association of Communication Scholars and Professionals of Nigeria (ACSPN), and affiliated with the Africa Centre for Media and Information Literacy (AFRICMIL). Igbo Heritage Awards is one of its social innovation projects.

The Igbo Renaissance Centre, Gregory University Uturu, is a globally recognized centre of excellence in the study and promotion of Igbo socio-cultural heritage. It organizes the annual World Igbo Summit and invests extensively in research and other activities in furtherance of its primary objective – the promotion of Igbo renaissance. The Centre, having identified Igbo Heritage Awards as a unique and significant initiative in line with its agenda, adopted the Awards as one of its major annual events from the maiden edition.