COVID-19: No One Is Safe Until Everyone Is Safe – Ibe Ubani

The World Health Organization COVAX programme which aims to deliver Coronavirus vaccines to the developing countries of the world will only cover 20% of the vaccination requirements in these countries.

To achieve herd immunity worldwide, about 70% of the global population will need to be vaccinated. If this is not achieved mutated variants of the virus will spring up in areas where the virus remains endemic and cause havoc globally.

With the current pace of vaccination worldwide (Israel has vaccinated 60% of her population with 1st dose jab, UK 40% , USA 23%, Germany 8.5%, France 8% and many countries miles below this) the world can’t achieve the herd immunity target anytime soon.

The way forward with this is to break patent rights of the big pharmaceutical companies ( Pfizer, Astrazeneca, JJ etc) currently producing the vaccines as supply is a huge issue globally.

Severing these patent rights to allow many more pharmaceutical companies to be involved will tremendously boost supply and hopefully herd immunity will be achieved in 2-3 years time globally.

Dr Ibe Ubani

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